Customized Medication Labels

Ensure patient safety by complying with JCAHO's National Patient Safety Goal requirement - "Label all medications, medication containers (e.g., syringes, medicine cups, basins), or other solutions on and off the sterile field in perioperative and other procedural settings."

Xodus Medical offers a quick and convienient method for syringe and medicine cup labeling. This user friendly system allows you to create and save your custom label packs so that they can be quickly re-ordered later.

  • The ability to completely customize your labels by surgical specialty.
  • Latex free advanced adhesive allows labels to adhere to syringes, medication cups and basins even when wet
  • Water-proof, non-smearing ink will not run even when exposed to water
  • Different size labels available (small, large, and extra large) both sizes available in the same package. 
  • Color code labels for easy visual identification.
  • Permanent markers available upon request with your custom label order
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Standard Stock Medication Labels

Xodus Medical now offers a wide variety of standard stock medication labels. Our stock labels are sorted by speciality. Click below to receive a free sample of our stock labels.

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